Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Design Plan for My Research Paper:Concussions Casuing Dementia

Design Plan for Research
                My purpose for my research paper is I want my classmates, teachers, and potential colleagues to think about the correlation between concussions and later mental diseases like dementia. Although I will be focusing on the question if concussions can cause early onset dementia, but also what causes a person with a concussion to develop dementia oppose to a person with a concussion that never develops dementia. Even with research, there are people and associations that do not believe that concussions can cause dementia. This design plan will go over my strategies, medium, arrangement, production and more for the making of my research paper
                To make a successful research paper that will get my argument across, I need good strategies. First strategies is to collect good sources that can back up my argument and make my research paper correct. Another strategy for my paper is to define and clearly explain any terms, so that even an average person (classmate without medical background) can read and understand my paper. In addition, when defining terms make everything clearer and make the paper understandable. I will be focusing on what actually causes a concussed person to develop dementia and not just if there is a correlation. Doing this will not only address the problem of how it is developed, but what or who is the blame. These strategies are the ones I will use during my paper to successful get my argument across to my audience.
                I will be writing a paper for a number of reasons. The obvious reason is that my assignment is to write a research PAPER. I will also write a paper because I think with the goal in mind and the period I have a paper is the only way I can achieve my goal. I would like to add charts, photos, or even a video (not likely for the video) to make my paper more interesting and stick better with my audience. I will post my paper in my blog allowing the world to see it so my medium will also be a blog, but still really a paper.
                Although I do not have my complete arrangement for the whole paper yet, I have a good idea of the arrangement.  Of course, I will need to start with an introduction into my topic and my thesis introducing my argument. Then I will define and explain concussions, dementia, and other terms that could be confusing to parts of my audience. Then I will go into data on whether or not there is a correlation between concussions and dementia. After that, I will explain facts on what could cause concussions to become dementia. In addition, to who or what is to blame for the causes or if someone or something should be blamed. Then I shall end my paper with a conclusion with closing remarks to wrap up my paper and a last chance to get my point across and maybe even have a call to action.
                I have twenty-four days to complete my research paper. I have already started researching by using our library databases to find articles on concussions, concussions causing dementia, and even causes for professional athletes with/dying of dementia. I still need to do a full research of those topics and not just glance at articles. I will take notes on articles I find and look up professional research in this area to help with my research. I looked up the cause Justice for Jeff and that people in England fighting the Football Association, FA, (soccer football) that promised research of head injuries from heading the soccer ball and development of dementia, but have yet to do a single piece of research. I would also like to look into the research the used in the recent NFL lawsuit. I do believe there is a correlation and I think that certain sports are at higher risk of concussion. I believe that multiple concussions and more severe concussions can cause dementia. Those are both things I believe, but I want to have proof for one way or the other so I can know for sure. I believe those things without complete proof because I have first-hand have seen concussions and their side effects and because of recent lawsuits, I read about and see on the news. Therefore, to write this paper after I complete my research I will make my annotated bibliography. Then I will make an outline, which will turn in to my first draft of my paper. I will then have my peers and myself edit and revise my paper until it has turned into my final draft.
                To make my research paper successful I need to use strategy, use a paper as my medium, arrange it correctly, and produce it in my time line. I want people to notice the correlation between concussions and the development of dementia. In addition, I want to cover what causes a concussed person to develop dementia.
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