Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Responsibilities as a Blogger

I never really thought I had any responsibilities as a blogger.  I figured I just type up my rambles and post them on the internet and maybe someone will read them. To be honest I didn't think anyone but my professor would read this, and he has to. There are responsibilities I have as a blogger, but I guess I just never thought of them as responsibilities. One could be to put up blogs that do not offend my audience. If I only have two followers, I should not go around making fun of them, if I do then I won't have any followers. I would be some girl basically talking to herself on the internet. Another job, (it kind of goes with the first one) would not to put up anything too inappropriate. Again I would not want to offend or scare off any followers or random readers. Also I would not want to get kicked off the internet, not sure that is possible. Blogger's responsibilities would also include making blogs, that either entertain or are desirable to read. What would be the point about blogging on shit no one wants to read or does not entertain my audience. I should also check my blog and post regularly in case any followers want to ask a question or comment, (not that I think anyone really will). I think those are all my responsibilities as a blogger, I'm sure there are more, but that is all that comes to mind. Feel free to comment and list what I should also be doing. As my first blog said I don't know what I'm doing.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Blogging Virgin

As this title suggest, I have never blogged before, nor have I ever read someone's blog (not on purpose at least). This blog is a creative project for my college writing II class. Unlike my college writing I class where we just write papers and review papers, my professor is trying to get all of us to be better communicators and using different mediums besides papers. At first I was upset because with my other college writing I barely did any work, class was cancelled often, and I got a good grade for little effort and now we have to read and do a lot of work. Now that I think about it, I know it will be better for me in the future, but I can be lazy sometimes. I have 5 other classes and a seminar this semester, so reading a college writing book and writing a blog (no offense bloggers and blog readers) was not part of my plan this semester. I knew it would be a hard semester because I loaded up this semester so that I could take it easy in the fall during soccer season. Even though I'm realizing that our spring(off) season still has a lot of practices and work.

I would not trade my soccer for the world. I just before making this blog I talked to an old soccer teammate of mine before college and she gave it up to focus on her studies. She told how much she misses soccer and she wants to play so bad. I wanted to tell her I feel the same way since I have not played since a pick up game before Christmas, until I realized she has not played since May of last year. Even though its a real-feel of -18 out right now I wish we could practice outside today instead of a meeting. I know that it would not do any good and I would instantly regret going outside, I just want to play so bad. My team plays in the field house all the time, but I never go. I'm sure they think its because I can be shy and I'm a commuter and just go home, stare at a wall, and be boring me. It is actually because I'm a goalie and all I want to do is take 100s of shots in the goal, but the field house floor would probably destroy my body. So for now I go to fitness, lifting, meetings, and then go home and stare at wall.

Blogging is surprisingly easier than I thought. It actually is somewhat fun (I just keep typing so I don't have start my other homework, whoops) and I'm worried I might become a blogger addict by the end of the semester. I'll have to bring my laptop with me everywhere so I can blog about everything I see. I will stay up all night reading other blogs and bloggers comments. So I apologize in advance to my friends and family for not talking to you and becoming glue to my laptop if I become an addict. The first step is admitting I might have a future problem.