Thursday, March 20, 2014

My experience with the photo essay


Sorry about not blogging for so long, but this semester has been a struggle. I overloaded on credits this semester, maxing out at 18 credit hours. Most of my work is not difficult, just notes in class and study/read out of class. Sounds simple enough right? Well my College Writing class is the class where I do more work then almost all of my class combined. Sounds outrageous right? I know. It has not been that bad, but the last few weeks have been building up to our research project and it has become increasingly harder. To build up in to the research project we are doing another smaller project first. This project is to make a photo essay about your research topic, but before you could do that I needed to collect all my own pictures to put in the essay. Before I could collect photos I had to make a design plan of what I wanted my essay to be about and what I wanted to accomplished with it. (no offense, but all I wanted to accomplished was to get an A) I even had to redo my design to make it better. Before I made a design plan I had to make a statement of purpose for my photo essay that would be based off of. Before we could make a statement of purpose we had to read the chapters and answer questions in the book about making a photo essay, design plan, and statement of purpose. So overall this "little pre-project" might be the death of me. Now before you get the wrong idea, these are very helpful steps in producing a good photo essay and would be very helpful to someone seriously interested in making one. Me? I tried to appreciate that, but I'm the average, lazy college freshmen. I'm still semi-use to the simplicity of high school and think this CW2 class should be just as easy as my CW1 class. For CW1 we wrote a few papers, did a little bit of extra work, and did not have class every few weeks, because our teacher wanted us to spend time on our papers. Easy A for me, but I did not really learn anything from that class. Now if I was good at writing and was not taking CW because it was a needed general education credit I would rather take a class like my CW2. Now before you banish the idea of ever doing a photo essay, I did have fun taking photos of my brother trying to show symptoms of a concussion. I even got to have him be hit in the head with a volleyball multiple times because I could not get the shot. He is a germ freak and I made him put his head in the toilet to pretend throw-up. There was more funny parts, but I don't want to ruin all the pictures for my photo essay, because I plan to put it up. The stress level of mine has significantly gone up with this project. So overall, a photo essay is a good way to help get a direction for a research topic, but is a shit ton of work and I'm not about that.

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